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MIGreenPower is a simple and affordable program that empowers you to increase the amount of renewable energy DTE Energy sources from local wind and solar projects. Whether you are a business owner, homeowner or a renter, joining MIGreenPower can help you go green easily and affordably, without installing special equipment or making exterior alterations. Beyond lowering your carbon footprint, participating helps to protect the environment for future generations.

Program Benefits

MIGreenPower makes it easy to reduce your carbon footprint by increasing the amount of your energy that comes from local renewable resources.



The program funds solar and wind projects in Michigan, which lets you support the growth of renewable resources in our state while creating local jobs in the clean energy industry.



Program participation is structured in 5 percent increments (up to 100 percent of your electricity use) — giving you the power to choose the level of impact that works best for you.



Use our calculator below to find an option that’s right for you!

Environmental Impact Calculator

Choose the amount that reflects your average monthly usage.
0 kWh
Choose what percent of your bill that you would like to match with clean energy.

That’s an estimated increase of $4.55 to your average monthly bill.

This generation has an environmental benefit equivalent to taking 0.23 cars off the road for one year or planting 28.41 trees!

Avoided emissions and equivalencies are based on Egrid 2015 non-baseload emissions factors by subregion and the Environmental Protection Agency equivalencies calculator at

Join the program now!

MIGreenPower is Green-e Energy certified for businesses and for residential customers who subscribe at or above 25 percent, and meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set fort for by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at For more information on the resources included in MIGreenPower, view the Product Content Label.